Fraser Outreach Pharmacy

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4127 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC
V5V 4E9


Phone Numbers:

Voice: (604) 620-8278
Fax: (604) 620-8277

Our logo is a Bamboo wreath

Bamboo plants are admired for their perseverance under harsh conditions.

One of the plants in the "Four Gentlemen" of Chinese culture:
regarded as a behavior model of the gentleman, as bamboo has features such as uprightness and tenacity, endowed with integrity and elegance.

A circle is a universal symbol of continuity, wholeness, perfection and endurance.
It also represent happiness and health.

Our logo brings together the symbolism of these two elements.
What we aspire to be to our patients and friends:
Joyful and enduring care and health.

We are more than medicine.